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SEND LETTER – Don’t Punish TNR Efforts
Categories: Animal Rescue, TNR

This came to my attention yesterday, and I’m hoping you will take a moment to compose a letter, or use my letter, to notify the Penn Estates Board that supporting a feral cat program is wiser than fining people for their efforts to humanely manage the feral cat population.

The Penn Estates Board just stopped the Feral Cat Program and ruled that as of April 30, 2012, anyone found feeding feral cats will be heavily fined. Security will be monitoring private land to regulate the activity. The residents who are feeding feral cats, do so from their own funds, but now face fines from the administration.

Even if you don’t live in Penn Estates, please email the board to let them know you support humane treatment of homeless cats, and  support the proven effectiveness of Trap/Neuter/Return programs. To do otherwise would be cruel. Starving is a terrible way to deal with feral cats.

Send all correspondence to

Dear Members of the Board of  Penn Estates,

I am reaching out today to urge you to reconsider your decision to fine residents of Penn Estates after April 30 if they are found feeding the feral cat population on premises. It is well documented that Trap/Neuter/Return programs are an effective solution to controlling feral cat populations. Once returned to a site, it is important to monitor the cats; feeding, sheltering and trapping any new cats is essential to a healthy colony.

A healthy colony will assist in keeping the rodent population down, and prevent other non-neutered animals from coming in, thus reducing the amount of fighting for territory and resources on that property. Many stray cats have been thrust into their situation through no fault of their own. These animals may have come from your neighbors who have lost their homes; there is the hope of their pets being taken care of. Or, they have moved and left these forgotten pets behind.

Cats feel fear, sadness, starvation, sickness and loneliness. There can be 4 litters a year, each litter anywhere from 4 to 7 kittens. 75% of those kittens will not make it to adulthood. These animals can die slow and painful deaths, get hit by cars, or poisoned by cruel individuals. Thousands of cats can stem one one mating pair of cats.

Other communities have ignored this problem and are overrun with generations of cats. If caught early, the problem is manageable. Some believe the answer is to trap and send these cats to a shelter. Feral cats generally do not have hope of adoption and will be killed. We can do better than that.

Please allow Animals Can’t Talk, who have offered to take on the TNR Program if the board will allow feeding by the residents, to step in and aid these cats and allow the residents to continue feeding and monitoring the cat population.


Ann LaGoy


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1 Comment to “SEND LETTER – Don’t Punish TNR Efforts”

  1. Done. I monitor and feed a feral cat colony near our home in Crete, Greece and my neighbors and I have only had benefits – fewer cats, less garbage, fewer rodents…..How can this not be a win-win for this community?

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