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Black Jack Needs A Foster
Categories: Animal Rescue, TNR

Meet Black Jack, he needs your help to find a home.

He’s A Lover, Not A Fighter: Just trapped February 12, and looking for help. My lovely new friends Rosemary and Eddie called me this morning because a cat they had been caring for was injured.

We were scheduled to TNR this upcoming weekend, but BJ had more urgent needs. I went over, trapped him, and we all went up to the emergency care clinic.

Black Jack had an abscess, which was treated, and has been neutered. He has received a rabies shot as well. I offered to take┬áhim in for post op care. Well, he was with me for all of an hour, and was purring and mushing his head toward my finger through the trap. I don’t think it was just the drugs talking either.

His treatment has been paid for by these wonderful people! I am so touched by their concern for BJ; it’s moments like this that restore faith in humanity.

I do not know what his history is. He has scars on his face, and what seems like resent wounds around his eyes. He seems very lathargic, so I’m concluding he’s still quite sore. I can keep him for another day or so, but my INN IS FULL. My friends can’t keep him either (health reasons). They will continue caring for him outside, but honestly, I think he should be homed and they agree. This guy is so sweet.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON! Anyone interested in adopting or fostering can reach me at 845-489-2378.

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