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The Argument For Eating Deer
Categories: Environment, Off Topic, vegan
A Better Choice: Deer, by Jackson Landers was sent to me by a friend who asked for my thoughts. Here is what I think:
Landers is trying to make the argument to eat meat in a thoughtful way. I would rather the argument to eat plants in a thoughtful way. Landers certainly takes an interesting look at how our eating habits extend beyond what is directly in front of us. That is a challenge regardless of what we eat. It is crucial to be conscientious about each decision we make regarding food.
“Soy burger death toll” could also be called corn, alphalpha, wheat, cattle or just soy death toll. All of these food sources fall to the same shortcomings. Living beings are often in competition for survival. In fact corn used for food is also in competition with corn used for fuel. How’s that for a conflict?
Deer are over populated because humans have taken over their predators’ domain as well as changed their food source. The only thing deer have to fear now is hunters, cars and disease. If there were less people and a balanced number of coyotes, mountain lions, perhaps even bob cats, that hunted deer we would not have the large number of deer we currently have. It was a natural system that kept itself in check.
Do I want the majority of people reading that article to get a gun? Heck no! However, I agree many animals get killed and then their bodies are wasted. Jonathan Safran Foer begs the question in his book “Eating Animals” why do we not eat the millions of shelter animals killed every year? Instead, we allow billions of animals to languish in CAFOs because that is how we’ve compartmentalized their bodies. Cows, pigs, chickens: acceptable. Hamsters, horses, dogs and cats: unacceptable.
Each and every one of these animals feel pain. The “one bad day” Landers speaks of doesn’t give the full picture, but it sure does beat the years of suffering endured by factory farmed animals.
We need to revamp the way we produce our food, that is for certain, but we can do it without picking up a gun.
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