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spaghetti sauce stain

For You, Your Pet And The Unknown Laboratory Animal With a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now you can brighten your whites, disinfect and kill germs; all without the toxins and the animal testing that you get with clorox.  In fact, with the left over ingredients you’ll be able to make a […]

By that I mean; low cost, simple and totally toxic free! Maybe it’s because romance is still in the air from Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s because I appreciate a sparkling table accessory, but brass candlesticks can really add class and appeal to any table setting – as long as they’re not grungy and dull! […]

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The Dutchess County Department of Health is sponsoring a rabies vaccination clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets. The clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Milan Town Hall, 20 Wilcox Circle, Milan, NY 12571. The clinic is free to Dutchess County residents ($10.00 per pet for […]

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Fruits and Vegetables

A lot can happen with fruits and vegetables before they get to your plate – even if you grow them yourself. Your own garden probably has the least amount of  chemicals, but there are bacteria and microbes that linger on produce there, too. A simple washing of these items can help eliminate many of the […]

Black Jack

Meet Black Jack, he needs your help to find a home. He’s A Lover, Not A Fighter: Just trapped February 12, and looking for help. My lovely new friends Rosemary and Eddie called me this morning because a cat they had been caring for was injured. We were scheduled to TNR this upcoming weekend, but […]

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This came to my attention yesterday, and I’m hoping you will take a moment to compose a letter, or use my letter, to notify the Penn Estates Board that supporting a feral cat program is wiser than fining people for their efforts to humanely manage the feral cat population. The Penn Estates Board just stopped the Feral […]

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has started a petition to request the University of Virginia stop using cats to train future pediatricians in methods of intubation. Please sign the petition, and ask president Teresa Sullivan to utilize the humane methods of training currently available. As shared by PCRM: The primary emergency procedure taught in pediatrics […]

This can be said in many sentiments regarding Trap/Neuter/Return. In this case I’m talking about a recent request I got to help out some strays and ferals in Fishkill and Beacon. It started out as a Mama that had a litter. Turns out there were two litters. Then another call about a calico stray that […]


Good news!  Sound Earth is sponsoring Fishkill Cares for Cats to be held on March 31, 2012 at the Fishkill Town Hall. As you may know, many communities across the United States are facing a stray and feral cat overpopulation crisis, and Dutchess County is no exception. “In 2010, Best Friends Animal Society, a nationally […]


Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I’m happy to report the good news! Mugsy is now in his forever home! He’s with a whole family, and he’ll be the only fuzz butt gettin’ attention. I happen to know the mom – she sure is nice! Annie said when she and her pals from Furry Friends Pet Rescue showed […]