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What our customers are saying

What Our Customers Say

Sound Earth is great for family:

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your great products!! I am so glad I found your site and am able to purchase from it. You have been so nice, have done everything to take care of my orders, and provided me with great cleaners!!!
I canít tell you how much it means to me to be able to keep everything clean and my family healthy. I was just sitting here watching my grand kids, 4 and 3, clean my house with your products. They are having such fun and I donít have to worry about the ingredients in what they are using. I know they are safe inhaling it and in getting it all over their feet and hands. They even commented on how good the cleaner smelled! Thank You!!! My pets thank you also!!!!
Teresa S., Odessa, TX

Sound Earth is great for community:

We wanted to let you know how much we love the "Scented Lavender Spray". We have one in each of our bathrooms - and we have three! They really work! All of our friends love the lavender scent! We also use them in our garbage bags in the kitchen and on our furniture. It's good to know that we don't have to be concerned that we are spraying harmful chemicals on ourselves, our belongings or even our visiting family pets! I personally love the "Mighty PuMouse" stone. I use this wonderful pumice stone on my feet and have been told, by the woman who does my pedicures, that I have the best feet she's ever seen! I'm not kidding! It really works and I'm picky about my feet and my products! We truly love so many of Sound Earth's products and love supporting our local businesses. Ann, her products and of course Frank have been a blessing to us. We have seen how Ann has been and continues to be a blessing and an incredible resource to our community and beyond. We hope you feel the same way! Thank you!
Susie, Fishkill, NY

Sound Earth is great for laundry:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fresh clean scent of Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Soap. Smells like I hung the clothes on the line- not that perfume overload smell. Just good clean clothes that feel great too.
Dana, Lincolndale, NY

Sound Earth is baby safe:

A pink fleece baby blanket got caught in the wheel of the stroller and dragged all over the place. The stains were dark and dirty and I wasn't sure they would come out. A friend suggested I take it to the dry cleaners but I thought I'd try treating it with your degreaser, GreasEraser ... it's good as new! And still safe for the baby :-)
Sheila K., Peekskill, NY

Sound Earth does a better job:

'I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the Velvet Hammer does a better job than the chemically laden "Soft Scrub." Ditto on the "Powder of Power."
Debbie U., Stratford, CT

Sound Earth is good for business:

'For the benefit of our clients, our employees, and the environment, we use Sound Earth cleaning products to clean and freshen your home.'
Jose B., Poughkeepsie, NY owner of Home Assistance Cleaning Service

Sound Earth is delightful:

'When I received your products I went on a cleaning blitz. I started in the bathroom and used Crystal Clean on the counter top and faucets. I even gave the floor a quick once over with it. The Velvet Hammer did work like a hammer and removed some tough spots in the tub. Then I gave the room a final spritz with Freshen Air. Next I attacked the kitchen. I used the Velvet Hammer to clean the stove top. With the cinnamon scent, the stove smelled good enough to eat, and it really shined. Our kitchen has a Pergo floor that I really love. When I used Fizzn’ Floor Booster, I was really delighted because it gave the floor such a nice shine.'
K. Milhaven, Port Ewen, NY.

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